Terms and Conditions

When you use the service, you agree to the following terms and conditions, in addition to the Privacy Policy, these terms govern the way we process your data.

Access To The Service

The site is accessible free of charge to any user with Internet access. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are his responsibility. Non-Member User does not have access to member services. For this, he must identify himself using his username and password. The site implements all the means at its disposal to ensure quality access to its services. The obligation being of means, the site does not undertake to reach this result. Any event due to a case of force majeure resulting in a malfunction of the network or the server does not engage the responsibility of WPHusky. The User can contact the site by email at support@rezkonline.com

Intellectual Property

The trademarks, logos, signs and other content of the site are protected by the Code of Intellectual Property and more specifically by copyright.

The user undertakes not to use the tools made available by WPHusky to analyze content that may contravene the law. The user agrees not to put on line content that may affect the interests of third parties. Any lawsuit brought by an injured third party against the site will be borne by the user.

User projects may be deleted at any time and for any reason or modified by us. The user may not receive any notice before or after deleting or modifying the user’s projects. 

Subscription Renewal

The subscription is automatically renewed via your chosen payment method if you don’t cancel the subscription.

In the case that the system is unable to renew the subscription due to a problem within your payment method, the account will be suspended, you can update the payment method and renew the subscription during this period and restore your account activity.

Refund Policy

In order to file a claim, the Customer must report the existence of a defect or non-conformity within fourteen days of making the purchase.

Reasons For Deactivating Your Account

  • We reserve the right to deactivate or permanently suspend any account, suspension of accounts is due to illegal or inappropriate use of the site services.
  • Users may receive alerts for violation of the Terms and Conditions or for any improper use of the Website. The alert is received by the user on the site or via the linked email. The alert doesn’t stop the activity of the account, but it may lead to the suspension of the account permanently, depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Violation of the terms of use on the WPHusky may lead to permanent account suspension.

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